Friday, 24 October 2014

2014 Chinese Documentary crew in Lester Monts' Lab

This week, a Chinese documentary crew was in town to shoot interviews and other footage with Dr. Lester Monts about his role in creation of the UM's Confucius Institute.  These photos show the shoot in Lester's new lab on the second floor of the Duderstadt Center, and what the interview setup looked like at his house that evening.

Shot by the Producer with her iPhone - that's me in the lab coat!

Shot from about the vantage point where you saw me above - reverse angle.

"OK - now turn those knobs..." Lester in action for the crew.
The crew really liked Lester's 'fish pole' boom for his field mic.

After dinner at his house, Lester gets the 'formal' part of the interview in his family room.
The crew is off to NYC, where they had thought they were going to get some time with the Rockefeller and Fulbright Foundations, but both unexpectedly declined this week.  They are scrambling to find others that might help.

I'll let you know when the documentary is finished.  
And I guess I should post about Lester's new lab, too.