Tuesday, 14 April 2015

2015 Ann Arbor: Fool Moon

Fool Moon was way better this year than last year: it didn't snow or have 50 mile an hour winds.

On Friday April 10 Vodo Jumato - VO-ratima Orawannukul, DO-nald Harrison, JU-stin Dykhouse, MA-rtin Thoburn and TO-m Bray - set up their giant projection monolith and painted the side of the office building at Main & Washington with appropriately foolish visuals.

I was prepared for inclement weather this year. I had tarps and a plan.   Once I had a couple of people to help it only took about 5-10 minutes to completely secure it from the wind and rain.  And once again we had Donald's guitar amp strapped to the lower plank for ballast.

Here are shots of "before" and "after" wrapping:


In the above photos you can see the planks we used as a work surface and to support projectors.
We had a small projector pointing out the back showing the twitter feed.

In the above photos you can see the 'windows' I made out of 8 mil clear plastic, for the projector up top and for the VJs below.

The view from the top, showing the VJ work surface, Voratima and Donald.

Martin and Donald at work.  Martin's laptop was a source for Donald's laptop
via a Blackmagic Intensity Pro.  You can see the window.

Donald's laptop, my darkroom timer and the Hard Hat Cam.  We used the
timer to turn off a light to remind us it was time to run a sponsor logo.

The view from outside the window.

Me! From outside the "Rear Window" from where we projected the
Twitter feed on the wall behind us.

My Live Feed Hard Hat Camera:

Tiny camera on the left of this photo, batteries and Xmtr on top.

Battery packs for the camera secured with the camera headband.

Another side view.

I walked out into the crowd and got in front of someone and said "Look at the wall!".  When they did they would see themselves as part of the projection.  It was a big hit, even though it was not great video quality.  The piece missing form the QTVR is the headlamp I attached so I could both aim the camera and light my subject.

Here is a link to a QTVR movie of my live video camera hard hat

You can download it.  It will only be QTVR if you use Quicktime 7. QT 10 will open it as a still.