Thursday, 29 November 2012

Melanie Manos Gallery consult

I talked with Melanie Manos, A&D faculty, about a gallery installation she is going to be doing in January at the Public Pool Gallery in Hamtramck, based on her piece for DLECTRICITY in Detroit on Oct. 5 & 6, 2012.

She shot some green screen footage in the DMC Video studio of her crawling across the floor with the intention of making it look like she was climbing a wall.  She had mapped out the real wall in Detroit onto which she was going to project her final footage and noted various real features like windows, ledges, etc.  These wer all marked out on the green floor when she shot her footage so that, when projected on the real wall, it would be more convincing as she moved around these real features.

For the gallery show, she wants to use old CRT TV's, probably of several sizes, and hoping to synchronize 4 DVD players to feed them.  I explained that it is actually pretty difficult and/or expensive to do that  and suggested using solid state media players, or possibly a couple of computers.  She is pondering her options.

As she had shot her footage as a climb, she was thinking of stacking them to make her movement vertical.  Given that the bezels of the TVs would provide a bit of a buffer zone between them, the sync could be within a frame or so and still work.  I suggested that she might think of it differently: what if she were to space the monitors far - or farther - apart in the gallery?  She could calculate the time it would take her to get from one to the other if she kept moving and time her 4 parts accordingly, giving the impression that she was moving through an invisible dimension that we could only see parts of through the 'windows' of her monitors.  She liked the idea of playing around with that, and we talked about a few installation details required by one or another version of her setup.  I expect to hear back from her again.

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