Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pop's Packing, Mary Beth, and Solid State Media Players

Pop's Packing and Mary Beth

I have been working with Mary Beth Carolan on her thesis installation in Hamtramck.  I have provided her with 2 of the solid state media players I have in my inventory and worked with her to figure out why one of her movies has been problematic in playback.

For several months she has been taking advantage of the extensive and sophisticated resources of the Dmc for her thesis project, which involves the capture, editing and presentation of HD video.

All is now well, although the actual sync of the 2 players continues to be problematic.  Mary Beth has found a way around the continuing issues with her movies that works for her installation.

Despite the issues she has had around syncing her 2 movies, the use of SS media players for this kind of installation is still one of the easiest and best options.

These are appliances that are much less expensive than, say, a Mac Mini for displaying media files.  they have a different interface and given the ongoing issues with Mary Beth that should have not been a problem there are still things about using them that need tobe addressed.

I am in close communication with the manufacturer of these devices about all of this, and they have just released an updated version of their media player.

Even though the official opening happened last weekend, stand by for further announcements.


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