Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fool Moon - the Big Fun!

April 5, 2013

The Big Fun

It was so much fun on the street Friday night!  Here are a few pix and clips, but you can find lots more out there by searching "Fool Moon 2013".

But first, here's my timelapse - "Fool Moon in 55 Seconds" from YouTube.  If you look really close, you might see Jim and Anne Duderstadt on the right side sidewalk, just behind the scaffolding.  They were down there with some friends and were very enthusiastic about the whole event when I had a moment to say hi to them.

We called the projection we created "Moon Unit Face Pong".  A person could stick their face into a hole in a green screen and they would become the man/woman in the moon that was being used as the ball in a game of Pong being played by 2 people in the crowd using Wii remotes.  Whew...

(I strongly suggest that you watch it Full Screen - the bottom right button in the viewer)

A couple of photos:

The view from the rooftop of Cafe Felix's chairs.
Someone sticking their face into the photo booth; that's how you got your face as the wo/man in the moon.
View of the laptop running "Resolume", the VJ software that put all the pieces together.
View from the roof of Washington St. in full swing. 
An interesting collage: the Pong game with video effects, and in front are 2 luminaries in the street.
The face luminary looks like it's part of the game.
A view of it all: Pong on the left, Lasers on the right.
And a trio video clips:

Watching someone put their face into the photo booth and then show up "in the moon" and in the Pong game.

See the "Wo/man in the Moon" in our game of Pong, and hear me exhort the crowd with "You only regret the thing in life that you don't do!"

Shows the Resolume laptop running the show and the resulting projections.  At the very end, you get to see the LASERS in action.


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  1. Makes me think of the Robin Williams' character in Baron Munchhausen when he was disconnected from his body and his head was just flying around space. Excellent. Maybe we could do something where I'm in the moon and rolling it from the inside, or treadmilling like a gerbil :)