Sunday, 17 November 2013

UM Victors for Michigan Campaign Kickoff - North Campus

Once again, I was part of the laser team that brought fun expressions of columnated light to campus - and some of the photos below actually made the front cover of the University Record, both online and print!

This time it was on the North Campus Diag & Lurie Tower as part of the College of Engineering's localized campaign kickoff event.  I worked with Holly Taylor & others at the CoE to help get things organized for the local Illuminatus team that did the Lumia lasers on Lurie Tower and the Daystar team from New York/California that brought in the big guns.

I also ended up handling the video projection part of the program, which was really no surprise; the laser guys were pretty busy, having lost a set up day/night due to bad weather and scheduling delays.

I had help in the form of someone holding an umbrella over me and the projector and the laptop screening the kickoff video.

Here are a few photos of the event and links to more.  Stay tuned, as I will post a few more on this site when I get them.


Overall view, with a good shot of the "Lumia" lasers on the tower.
They were passing out glasses made from glo-sticks which were, naturally, a big hit!

From a different angle.
A very recognizable block letter, eh?
The view from underneath the lasers, showing the screen for the video and then
line-drawing lasers, the scanning lasers, and the Lumia in the background.
Behind the scenes view from the laser position, during final setup.

Links to more photos on line:

the 'Flikr' site:

And some favorites:

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