Friday, 31 January 2014

WCBN transmitter Update pt. 2

Here are a few shots taken on a very snowy Saturday afternoon in late December when four of us went up to the transmitter to have a photo taken for the Ann Arbor Observer.

The bad news is that because testing of the new transmitter proved beyond a doubt that we would totally disrupt a lot of labs near this site, we will never be able to use this lovely new structure.  We have started the process of finding a new site for our 3000 watt transmitter, more on the west side of central campus.

Even so, here's what it all looks like after the fine job Jim Campbell did organizing this project.

The gang on the roof for our photo shoot for the Ann Arbor Observer.
Tom Bray, Jim Campbell, Liz Wason, Ben Yee.
This is me trying to recreate the shot of Floyd Miller in a similar pose with our old antenna.

Here is a stitched image of the whole antenna tower structure. You can see the
I-beams added to the roof to support the whole thing.

The two weird shapes on the left are protective covers for the actual antenna elements of our new antenna array.

This is looking up the new tower.  On the right you can see our old 200 watt antenna sticking out  Still the one we are using.

Close up of the I-beams supporting the new tower. 
Close up of an attachment point for the new guy wires.

This is how the guy wires are attached.
It is a twist of wire rope over what is essentially a plastic cable.
This ensures there is not electrical path between the guy wires and the building.

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