Thursday, 13 March 2014

2014: TEDxUofM


It has started...

Day 1

Here is a quick look at  of setting up, from first hanging lights to the first afternoon rehearsals.

And who's that guy in the red shirt down front...?

Day 2:

Setting up the passes in the lobby of Power Center in anticipation of attendees picking them up.

The other installations were also coming along.  The Electronic Lunch project masterminded by Conor Barry, the very cool live 3D modeling setup by Josh Williams (John's son), and a photo booth were mixed in with the artwork and hanging paint stir sticks.

Day 3 - the Show!

Since there are so many, I used smaller photos.

A little video of the audience filling the house...

Some shots of the lobby:

The hanging paint sticks.
The sticks with questions.
The swag table.
Some swag.
More swag.
Josh Williams' 3D scanning station.
He scans you against the wall, then you see the 3D
model right away via his projector.  Sweet...
(As soon as I get it, I will post the 3D model Josh made of me!)

Here it is!

The photo booth - "TED-ified".

Conor's lobby installation:


Passes still waiting to be picked up.
Jane and Mike, this year's co-chairs.
Rehearsing, seen through the set.
Tech table, mostly complete.
The "clicker" USB receivers are mounted on a
music stand on the left for better reception.
This is the schematic drawing of that cluttered table above.


Adam and Cole, our amazing PPT Wranglers.
Robert Alexander setting up his great data-driven synthesis system for his talk.
Kelsey talking with Vic Strecher at the tech table, pre-show.
A TEDx-er taking a shot backstage.
Tom from the sound crew testing the piano setup.

Travis behind the mixing console.
Cletus at the lighting board.
The Great Paper Airplane Launch!  
The programs included a printed sheet of paper with various markings.  
The creators of this model then came on stage and told everyone how to fold 
their very own paper airplane.  
Audience folding planes, as seen on TV!

Then on the count of 3, everyone launched at the same time!

My photo is a bit blurry, but you can see the lines of launching planes - it was great!
Anne Curzan on stage, on screen.  Great talk about - what else? - language.

Ever wonder what it's like to be on the Power Center stage?

Backstage, showing PowerPoint Central and the Video record table.
All the ropes behind them are the Fly Rail, used to bring pipes over the stage up and down.

Front and center, on the edge of the stage.
The tech tables above are off to the left, by the fly rail.

Now, enjoy this "Bird's Eye" view, then click on this link 
to go to a 360 panorama that you can spin around in!

This  year's TEDx was wonderful - smoothly produced, well thought out, and really, really fun!

Can't wait till next year!


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