Monday, 14 January 2013

A&D IP Student Media Projects

Met with most of the students (7 out of 11-12) doing video/audio projects for their IP (Integrative Project) projects.  This is the capstone project for undergraduates, meant to synthesize all they have learned as an Art & Design undergraduate.  From the A&D website:

"In the 12-credit Integrative Project, seniors use the techniques, concepts and skills they've learned to plan, conceptualize, and build a single project of their choosing over the course of their final year. With the help of faculty advisors, they manage their own creative process and working schedules, and work in their own dedicated studio space. The project culminates in a final presentation where the student engages the public through exhibition, publication or performance, and is documented in a written thesis, website, and digital portfolio."

These media projects are screened at the MichiganTheater at the end of the term.  I have been working with other A&D faculty since they started these screenings at the MTF a few years back, but this year David Chung, who has been taking the lead on organizing the screening, is at Harvard for the term and asked if I would work with Michael Rodemer to make sure the students get a good start, stay on track, and have the appropriate files for the screening.  And then make sure it all goes smoothly the night of the screening.  There is to be another screening the next week at the Stamps auditorium in the Walgreen Drama Center.  Both are open to the public, and I will be sending out times & dates as they get closer.

I posted 2 documents focused on those ideas for the students to look at in my Dropbox folder:

Most of the students have significant experience in doing what they are doing, so this meeting and the docs are mostly to get on the same page, to let them know about the resources at the DMC they may not know about, and to be introduced to me as someone they can consult about any aspects of their projects.

One student is doing an audio only project, and we talked a bit after the meeting.  She is now going to be using 1180 (Video conferencing suite) to record a small group of people having a conversation.  I'm going to help her get the right mics, etc for the job.

Another student stopped by after the meeting to talk about creating a video of the pop-up book she is making.  I actually did this some years ago with an Art grad student named Susan Skarsgard.  She is the person that planted all the daffodils in the Arb as one of her art projects.  One of the videos is a small sample in 3D.  We made them to try to get the University to have this done to the entire collection that had just been donated, but they didn't want to do it.  You can see the "flat" version here and a sample of the 3D version here.  The 3D movie was a challenge to get into YouTube.  It ended up squashed a bit.  You'll also need typical Red/Cyan glasses to see it in 3D.


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