Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MLK Day at the Detroit Center 2

So the keynote at Hill on January 21, 2013 went very well.  The problems we were having got sorted out and all went well.

Here is a bit more info on the setup.

Here are some shots of the camera mount I built for the Lifesize HD camera.  The challenge was to concoct something that would be secure on the railing at the crossover aisle, but not damage the railing in any way.  You see the layers of plywood and turnbuckle beneath that make this possible.  You can also see the bolt holding the camera to the mount and the firewire cable coming through from the camera.  And the whole thing is tastefully covered in black felt fabric.

Here's a shot of the whole thing installed.  It sits directly behind an aisle seat, to which I attach a sign that says "Reserved for the audience at the Detroit Center" and then tape off the seat to keep it unoccupied.  Placing the camera in this location gives a real feel of 'being there' that you don't get from TV-like coverage.  The HD video provides enough detail that the viewing experience is quite good.

Now down to the basement where all the gear is set up.

These photos require a bit of explanation.  The first is looking back up through the cable pass-through to the main floor.  If you look really close, you can just see the blue light (circled in green) on the front of my camera, right above the arm rests and below the EXIT sign.

This is the general area where I set up.  Just to the right of the organ and below the florescent light is the cable pass through (circled in green) pictured above.

The whole Lifesize system is built into the rack shown at right, which is in turn screwed onto a furniture dolly.  It all makes for a pretty easy transport & setup.  My laptop is just sitting there; it's not part of the system.  I use it to have remote access to both systems as needed.

The most exciting part for me this year was that Lester Monts thanked me from the podium during his introductory remarks.  I posted a clip of that here, taken from the webcast on YouTube.


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