Friday, 27 September 2013

Robert Marshall's Geodesic Dome in the UM Natural History Museum Rotunda

UPDATE on 11/19/2013:

This nicely edited version of the video from the shoot by Donald Harrison has just been posted on Vimeo.

Robert Marshall, a local geek and tinkerer, built this very large rotating geodesic Dome.  He has taken it to several Maker Fares where it has been a great hit.  When he had it in New York City, it was so popular he wore out 2 sets of the turntable it sits on!

People can get inside and get spun around, or just enjoy it from the exterior.

While not, strictly speaking, a UM gig, Amy Harris (Museum Director) and Matt Linke (Planetarium Director and long time DMC friend) were involved in making this happen.  Matt is usually involved in anything physical that is out of the ordinary at the Museum, like the Dance events that I have been involved with.

This is from the evening of Sept. 15th when Robert, Donald Harrison, Amy Nesbitt and I set the Dome up in the rotunda of the UM Exhibit Museum (on N. University at the bus stops).  We had one of Mike Gould's Lumia lasers (also used later on the North Campus) and some normal video lights.

When the finished video is posted I will add a link.
 In the meantime enjoy these couple of clips from that night.


(You can see these movies in HD on YouTube if you choose to do so.)

Final pieces are attached by Robert, 
with assistant (Amy Nesbitt) and documentarian (Donald Harrison) in place.

The dome gets a spin.

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